Oh, Facebook… Why Are You So Difficult to “Like”?


ICYMI, Facebook unveiled a new and improved algorithm this week, one designed to improve their users’ experiences by pushing “quality” content into their News Feeds.

A potential boon for publishers, the Network believes that this will help make the stream of information one receives more meaningful. With the dust beginning to settle, additional information, about “the change” - and what it means for marketers - has begun to emerge and has given rise to rather lively conversation.

At the center of the swirl is the definition of “quality” and how (or even if) content creators can “game the system” to ensure that their stories are being seen. According to Facebook, quality (or high-engagement) Posts are those that contain links to “news sites” (defined partially as one’s .com or even Tumblr). By contrast, Posts that contain links to images without further depth of content (e.g., infographics, memes or photos that don’t come from within the link shared) would be considered low quality and “punished” (translation: hidden or buried) by the algorithm because the asset used to attract users and elicit engagement led nowhere.

With the eyes of “the Street” ever upon them, you can certainly see why Facebook took this tact, and if it’s the end of the meme as we know it, well I feel fine. That said, if I was a brand who invested huge amounts of revenue to acquire a fan base, the notion of having to pay again to reach them is less than attractive.

Net-net: if you’re a marketer who’s responsible for building your brand on Facebook, this is a development worth watching. After months of steady decline in organic reach, it might be time to revisit your strategy and think about your future plans for content development.

Having an editorial bend may not be a bad thing after all…